Wednesday, July 21, 2010

field study-1

1. As I finished on my observation about the different places inside the school (Christ the King College) I scrutinized different characteristics which make a particular place to be incomparable to others. I tap the LIBRARY as the best area in the school because of the following consideration:
 Well organized
 Well ventilated
 Clean
 Fragrant
 Comfortable to use in
 Useful facilities and equipments (e.g. books) and
 Gives you what you need in your studies specially on researching
A library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and a collection of books. For me it is really necessary for an institution to have a library because it is one of the student’s necessities upon studying. And Christ the King’s library gives a satisfaction and entertains to the needs of their students. The library helps us so that we may able to access books to read and learn from it. As the saying says “7 days without reading a book makes one weak.”

“Library is the student’s favorite hang out”

Michelle Arao-Odchigue

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