Wednesday, July 14, 2010


1. What is your insight about educ-2?

Ans: For me, more in reporting and understanding to get ideas. We can study had to learn more knowledge about the topic that report discuss. Specially the theories , vocabulary, name of behaviorist about the behavior and etc. to know what is all about. I'm study hard to pass this subject and learned more than the topic we discuss. Improve our mind to develop teaching education.

2. How do you feel the blogging approach?

Ans. For me, it is very exciting and more confedent. It's very hard to kwow what blogging is it? I try my best to know the new technology that we have know, and understand. To registed in computer that we used, we can create the password to open blogging. But if you understand the blogging you enjoy and gets ideas to enhance our mind more learning about computer that we have now.

Mark Olanga

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