Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Educ -2

What is your insight about educ 2?

Peremptorily, I have crucial insight regarding facilitating learning. First perception may this subject leads me into the development of my own capacity so much more in learning theory. In my part as a common student I am truly longing for something which is real that can be really changed the level of my understanding. Transformed my dull routine into somewhat like a competent person somehow. I am seriously hoping that this subject Educ 2 may grants my quest of knowledge as well as impressive strategy. Finally, I am really enthusiastic not because of anything else but because of you Ma’am, who really be there for us , and stands as our mentor and friend.

How do you feel the blogging approach?

Well, I am trembling and I felt myself melted down in such method because it’s actually unfamiliar to me. But then I would say that this approach is awesome. Awesome in the sense not of its modern kind of approach but its new way of effective way of teaching. Its objective is for the welfare of all students to learn in way of inculcating our ignorance through the used of Internet communication. Indeed, it gives more brilliant perspective and boundless horizon for every students who eager to explore the great purpose of technology.

Mario L. Casador


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