Saturday, July 10, 2010

1. My insight about the subject education 2 is that this subject will serve as our training ground to become an effective teacher someday, this is our stepping stone and a firm endowment upon reaching the different expectations that will be thrown to us.

As we all know that one of the most important thing or component to become a teacher is to have a classroom management, and since teacher Marian had this component on teaching us i can enthusiastically say that someday we may able to know how to handle a classroom very well.

To my teacher Ms. Marian Alaba, ma'am i know that you will be able to help us on becoming an effective teacher someday. To my classmates, lets just help hand in hand for us to be able to achieve and pursue our dreams with the help of teacher Marian.

2. In our awareness, we are all on the technologically competitive generation where the advancement of technology helps us to become our life easier to live.
Part of our education is the technology, we can have our examinations, quizzes, and reflection etc. through email. And, in this blogging approach, at first it is so complicated there are lots of process that we are going to pursue first before entering this blog but later on i was able to cope up with it. I enjoyed this new application of technology on our studies so that we the upcoming teacher, can be called as a modern teacher in the future.

God Bless us all!!

posted by: Michelle Arao-Odchigue education 2 first post

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